Duracell LR1 1.5v Alkaline Security Battery

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Brand: Duracell
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Duracell LR1 batteries are specifically designed for devices requiring a smaller battery than a standard 1.5v AA cell. This very light weight battery has a long shelf life, so why not buy a couple of LR1 batteries to keep as spares for when your device inevitably needs another.
Please note this cell is not rechargeable, but this small alkaline battery is perfect for pagers, remote controls and a huge array of car key fobs.

Not to be confused with a very similar sized 12v battery called MN21 or A23.

Type: Alkaline
Length: 28 mm
Diameter: 11 mm
Voltage: 1.5v
Weight: 10g each
Packaged as: 2 batteries
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